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Please read in detail the Privacy policy and Terms of Service. Here is a summary of our recently updated Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

  • Emails and notifications
    • We need to send you emails about registration, membership and other such events
    • We also send you emails and notifications about news, events, blog posts, lists, possibly other promotions, and/or products and services and other communications.
    • You can unsubscribe to most of these topics individually (by following the links in those emails or contacting support) and to all by suspending your account.
  • Cookies
    • We use cookies to make this site more friendly and useful to you.
  • Data collection
  • Data protection
    • Your data is protected by several layers of firewalls.
    • Critical bits of data like emails and passwords are encrypted.
    • We do not store credit card information or such.
    • You can ask to have your account deleted, together with all the data related to it.
  • Other
    • You own your content that you create, but you give us a right to use it.
    • We can suspend and/or remove your account, with or without cause
    • We want your feedback and you allow us to use any ideas you send us
    • You can reach us easily via doe/support for questions or for support

Again, please read in detail the updated Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

Thank you!

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