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Continued from Alive - part 1.


"Get away from the windows!" Yelled one of the cops, and everybody scattered. People hid behind desks, counters, or pretty much anything that would keep them out of sight from the horrors outside.

After building enough confidence to look, Randall peeked out the window and saw the zombies continued eating. "Barricade the doors." Whispered Randall. "Silently!" He added. Everybody slowly started pushing chairs and desks until the doors were blocked off. "Should we block off the windows, too?" Asked one of the cops. "Yes, use anything that can reach the windows!" Said Randall. "And hurry!"

"Hey," a cop came up to Randall and said, "Who put you in charge?" "No one." Said Randall. "I'm just trying to keep us alive. Do you have a problem with that?" The cop didn't answer. Randall saw a cop pushing a desk with some sort of metal decoration on it, and the cop tripped, and hit the metal object. "Catch that!" Yelled Randall, but it was too late. The object crashed loudly through the window, and soon after, the room was filled with roars, and the horde raced towards the station.

Dale, Joseph, and Charles were driving in Dale's RV. "Hey, Dale, we're near the police station, lets get some weapons and ammunition," said Joseph. "It should be right around the corner," replied Dale. As the turned the corner, they could hear screaming. "Holy shit," said Charles as he saw the station, "There are survivors in there! we need to help them!" "There's nothing we can do with a couple of kitchen knives and one hunting rifle." said Dale "I hate to saw this, but they're on their own."

Randall followed the crowd of people, but broke up and hid under a desk. He watched the people's legs rush by. There was a moment of silence, and then screaming. Lots of it. Another group of legs rushed by him, and he thought he was in the clear, until he saw a limping pair of feet outside of the desk. Move on, go away, thought Randall, but the feet stopped. He could hear sniffing, and then an inhuman roar, but the zombie started moving again.

As Randall got out from under the desk, he heard footsteps, and went dead still. Oh shit, it's coming my way, it'll see me! Thought Randall. Think, think! Then Randall got an idea. He pulled open a cabinet and took the Glock from in it, and pointed at the corner, ready to shoot. As some thing rounded the corner, Randall almost shot, but hesitated. "Whoa, I'm not one of them." Said a voice. "Thank god, I was about to shoot you." said Randall. "I'm Terry," said the cop in front of him. "Randall," said Randall, and stuck out his hand. "We need to get to the armory," said Terry. "No, that's where everyone else is going to be," replied Randall, "If we want weapons, our best shot is the evidence room."

"Okay," said Terry, "Let's go."


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