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Randall was just an ordinary cop, just like everybody else in the station. He drank coffee, did paperwork, and sometimes went on missions, just like most cops. One day Randall was working on his computer and heard someone say "Guys! Some joker is acting like a zombie in the parking lot!" Everybody, including Randall, came to the front doors to look.

Sure enough, there was a man stumbling around in the parking lot. "Come on, let's go put an end to this nonsense," said one of the cops. So two cops went outside, and started towards the strange man. They stopped in their tracks when the man turned towards them and screamed. The man started running towards them.

"Stop!" Said one of the cops, but the man kept on running, so the cop pulled out a tazer. "Stop, or I will be forced to taze you!" But the man kept on running. The cop shot his tazer, but the strange man kept on running and leaped onto the cop, and started ripping at his throat with his teeth.

"AAAAHHHHH!! HELP!" Screamed the helpless cop, but his partner was just staring with shock. The man got off of the cop, and advanced to the next one. He got to his senses, and ran out of the parking lot.

He quickly started hurrying back, screaming, but didn't make it far. He got tackled by the man who killed his friend, and the man started feeding on the cop. No one understood why the cop ran back for a second, and then everyone understood.

A mob of- no, thought Randall, a horde of people ran into the parking lot, screaming. They started feasting on the bodies of the two cops. "I don't know what's going on," Said Randall, "But I know nobodies' faking." At that moment, one zombie looked up, and saw the clueless cop, and Randall heard one word, and obeyed. "RUN!"


See Alive - part 2.

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