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It was night time when I was woken. The shingles on the window were closed, but the slits between the shingles were wide enough for me to see a blue, neon light coming from them. Also very faintly, but still audible, I could hear a faint mechanical noise above me. You ever watch Transformers? You know the sound the robots make when they morph? That was the sound I heard, but I could constantly hear it. It didn't stop.

"Jason"! I sprang off my bed at the sound of my mother's voice. "Mum, what's going on? What's that noise? What's with the weird lights?" I was basically shooting her with questions as soon as she burst into the room. "No time to explain", she panted. "Dad is already awake and downstairs, and I still need to get Molly." She was talking so fast that if you didn't listen closely it would sound like a toddler trying to sing.

"Put on your clothes and pack your stuff. We're leaving." I slipped in my clothes and packed the rest of it, along with a tooth brush, some gum, a passport, my phone, and a jagged, black rock. My lucky rock. It had some writing on it I couldn't understand. "Hurry up, Jason!" Shouted dad. I quickly thought if I needed any more stuff, put in 5 water bottles, and ran down the stairs. "Lets go," said dad. I was puzzled. "Lets go where?" "To the shelter," he said. My mind was buzzing. What shelter? Why are we leaving? What's wrong?

Dad started counting down. "3." Has he gone crazy? His eyes were motioning from us, then the door. "2." He wanted us to get ready to run. "1!" He slammed the door open. "Run! RUN!!" Molly and me were following mum and dad. As I was running I looked up and saw that it was still dark, and guessed it was around 2:00 am. Also, as my eyes began to adjust, I saw strange disk shaped objects flying through the sky with blue lights in the middle of them. "Whoa...?" What were they? then the thought just popped up in my mind. UFOs. It was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more likely it became.

My thoughts were interrupted by dad "There it is! The shelter!" I thought I saw a fallout shelter ahead of me, but I wasn't sure, because I was more interested about the blinding blue light all around me, why I suddenly couldn't hear any thing, and why I was floating. I looked up and saw a UFO coming to me. No, me going to a UFO. "JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard mum scream. My last thought was; I am being abducted by aliens. Then everything went black.

                                      END OF PART ONE

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