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An awesome motorcycling book that Keith Code dedicated to unconcious Survival Reactions that are 100% responsible for the mistakes riders do when they get in trouble and how to best fight them.

It’s a very important book for anyone riding a sport bike. Even if your motorcycle is a cruiser or adventure or just a dirt bike, this book will leave you with some very important thoughts on improving your riding on the street and having much more fun while being a much more safe rider.

There is a lot of emphasis on street racing and references to MotoGP technology, but it is all applicable on the street.

The book analyses in detail the issue of Survival Reactions and how these impact (negatively) your motorcycle riding and racing. It is more a compendium on “what not to do” and “how to avoid doing it”. Like he says, nobody can guarantee that you will overcome your Survival Reactions every time, but you will certainly be much better prepared to do the right thing next time.

We can't eliminate mistakes, but we can prevent those that can really hurt us

While you need to get and read the book to get the hole picture, here are some of the Survival Reactions triggers:

  • Going into a turn too fast
  • Going too wide in a turn
  • Leaning the bike too much in a turn
  • Bad traction (concerns about traction)

Some of the Survival Reactions cause you to:

  • Roll off the throttle mid-corner, negatively affecting traction and suspension
  • Grip the handlebars very tight, negatively impacting your control of the motorbike
  • Loose focus of what’s important
  • Make steering errors (steer towards outside etc)
  • Make braking errors (over/under)

To get the better of your reactions, Keith helps you with:

  • A very detailed understanding of the effects of these reactions
  • What to do to help combat them
  • Drill and practice to help

While you need to read the book in detail, here's some other gems from the book...

First rule of throttle control: once the throttle is cracked open, you will roll it open evenly and consistently through the reminder of the turn.

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