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For the longest of time, I couldn't find a good environment to teach my kids programming. Sure, there are languages and workbenches and complicated development tools, but nothing to say: here's what to teach them, how and with a simple environment.

Also, all they wanted to do was to build games, games, games!

Web programming turns out to be the easiest environment where you can create something and see the results of right there. It is in demand and lends itself to creating online teaching environments like this one.

I know there's many block-building teach-programming things out there now, but I still think that it develops more abstract thinking when you decouple syntax from algorithm and keep track of both, like algebra. So this is real hackery: plain code!

I remember when I started, I never had the patience to learn the theory first and what's a syntax and stuff, just copy pasted some examples in Basic that were doing something cool and took it from there... this is how I structured this as well - hope it works for you!

These are the actual lessons and progression I went through with mine and they enjoyed it, so go ahead, grab your kid (gently!) and teach them programming... or learn together. Please send any feedback via the support link at the bottom of any page.

If you have any questions, send an email as well and we'll answer it as soon as we can.


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