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Did you ever feel like forgetting all about html markup and using markdown instead, inside a play template?

@md {
  It is really simple to **include markdown text** in a *play template*, using the [common-mark](https://github.com/atlassian/commonmark-java) parser:
- it's simple
- it's fast

It's pretty simple, here's a one-file solution, using the awesome common-mark parser. You'll need first of all a play template called md.scala.html :

@(f: =>Html)


And then, in your build.sbt or Build.sbt, you'll have to include the common mark parser, the fastest and bestest:

    "com.atlassian.commonmark"   % "commonmark"  % "0.7.0",

... and that's all, folks.

Of course, perhaps a better solution is to have all your templates be markdown, so of the form mytemplate.scala.markdown but for the most part, I find that plain html with embedded markdown text works well.

p.s. This entire website is markdown.

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By: Razie | 2016-10-04 | Tags: post , play , playframework

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