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The quickest way to capture a note is... well, by typing, so this website is designed around text notes: the main input box is pre-selected, so you can start typing right away. When done, press TAB to get to the tags line, where you can type some optional tags (read below about good tags). Then just hit ENTER to save your thoughts.Mo

That's it! You're set! Go take some notes now!

Advanced - formatting

If you want to go beyond simple text notes, you should know that these here are active, meaning you can control the format of your notes read about markup and markdown below.

Simply type the text you want to appear. Separate paragraphs by one empty line.

If you insert a website address, we'll figure it out and display it as a link.

You can emphasize some text like **bold text** which looks like bold text, or with *italic text* and looks like italic text.

Inserting video

So far we support inserting youtube videos. Go to the youtube video. Under the video, click the "Share" button. Then click on the "Embed" button and copy the iframe code there... and paste it into the wiki page you are editing.

For instance:

Inserting photos/pictures

Use this syntax to easily insert photos: {{img:https://mypic}} for instance: {{img:https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7044/6970261594_21d54d05ac.jpg}} will produce this:

Geek details

The syntax is based on the markdown syntax which is the human way to create web content. For advanced syntax details (don't bother reading yet, if you're just getting the hang of this) see Modified Markdown Syntax.

That's it for now - start playing with it or see more markdown syntax examples.

More details

Link to external pages either directly or with a description:

  • [http://site] looks like site
  • [http://site description] looks like description

Link to other pages on this same site by using two square brackets:

  • [[Topic]] - to add a link to a page in this same wiki, for instance [[Admin:Modified Markdown Syntax]] which looks like Modified Markdown Syntax
  • [[Category:Topic]] to link to a page in a known category

Lists and more samples

Lists start with a space and a star *, followed by a space and then the text.

See more samples here.

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